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3 Best How to Claim Car Insurance and The Stages

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GdMail – The risk of an accident while driving a vehicle is one of themmobil can happen anywhere and anytime. If this happens, usually there will be material losses that cannot be avoided.
However, withvehicle insurance, the car owner will be assisted in the financing of accidental damage. Thanks to insurance as well, repair costs that must be incurred will be borne by the company that provides car insurance.

Then, if you are already registered with a serviceinsurancecar, how do I file a claim?

How to Claim Car Insurance

Quoted from the official page There are several ways to claim insurance on your car. Here are the steps that need to be prepared by car owners.

1. Immediately Report

The first step you must take is to make a report of the incident on your car to the insurance company. At this stage, make sure you also attach a photo of the damage to the car that you experienced. By submitting a report to the insurance company, this problem can be followed up quickly.

2. Prepare Documents

Make Sure you have collected and prepared the important documents that are a requrement to claim car insurance. Several important documents are needed, including a drive’s license, car certificate, a certificate from the police if the damage to the car is more that 70 percent, along with car insurance policy documents.

3. Come to the Branch Office

At the branch office, the insurance company will check and check the completeness of the data and documents that you have prepared. Next, the company will send a surveyor to see in detail the damage to your car. After the surveyor checks the damage, you will be given advice and recommendations for car repairs at the workshop.


Those are some ways to claim car insurance and the stages if you have an accident. Be careful when driving. May be useful

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