How to Temporarily Disable WhatsApp, New in 2022!

How to Temporarily Disable WhatsApp, New in 2022!

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How to Temporarily Disable WhatsApp – The noise of activity on social media may make some people want to do “social media fasting“, one of which is by deactivating all social media used by one of them WhatsApp. Maybe you are one of them who wants to know how to temporarily disable WA because you want to rest or concentrate on other things.

Many of the features provided by WhatsApp, one of which can send messages, pictures, videos can be used to contact and make video calls with other people. That’s why WhatsApp has become a featured chat program that is often used plus during a pandemic for remote evaluation or working at home.

How to Temporarily Disable WhatsApp, New in 2022!

How to Temporarily Disable WhatsApp

Usually excessive use of WhatsApp sometimes makes a person stressed and wants to temporarily disable social media. Lack of knowledge about this method makes some WhatsApp users confused to Disable WhatsApp it temporarily.

The importance of giving space with activity from social media will have a positive impact on you. Therefore, the following will discuss several ways that you can do to temporarily disable WhatsApp. Yok read the following ways:

No Additional Programs

The first way you can do to temporarily deactivate a WhatsApp account is without going through an additional program. Of course, this method is really easy to do, because there is already a feature on your cellphone. Below are some steps you can take when you want to temporarily disable WhatsApp, namely:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android phone.
  • Continue by selecting the Program Manager menu.
  • Then specify WhatsApp on the menu in Program Manager
  • Define the Stop button or Force Stop or Force Stop.
  • The last way is to click OK, because the Whatsapp program has not been activated temporarily.

After you do the method above, then you don’t get notifications on the WhatsApp program again. If you want to know the incoming message, then you have to enter the program. Therefore all incoming messages or calls will be there immediately.

How to Temporarily Disable WhatsApp, New in 2022!

Disable WhatsApp with Background Data Usage

The next way that you can do is to disable background data usage on WhatsApp. This feature is on your cellphone, here are some steps:

  • Define and enter the Setup menu
  • Next specify the Program menu, then find and click WhatsApp.
  • Then specify the Mobile Data menu.
  • Give permission to turn off background data usage.

It’s important to remember when you don’t open the WhatsApp program directly, so no statements will come from that program. But messages sent by other users still come in without notification.

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Program Greenify

The Greenify program is an additional program from Android that you can use to temporarily disable the program on your cellphone. This program is able to make messages that enter WhatsApp will receive pending notifications or checklists. Here’s how you can do to temporarily disable WhatsApp via Greenify:

  • Download and continue by installing Greenify on Playstore on your cellphone.
  • Then open the program and select Next.
  • If your cellphone is not rooted, continue by selecting My device is NOT rooted, click Next.
  • Then click Manual Hibernation Only, click everything until it’s finished.
  • On the Greenify homepage, click the + button in the upper corner.
  • Next you specify the WhatsApp program, then click the Zzzz icon.

Finally, when you have done some of the methods above according to the position described, your WhatsApp will automatically be temporarily deactivated disable WhatsApp.

Program Hibernator

As the name implies, Hibernator is an additional program that is used to temporarily disable WhatsApp. Below are some steps you need to do when you want to use the Hibernator program:

  • Visit the Playstore, then proceed with downloading and installing the Hibernator program with the ‘Zzz’ icon.
  • After the installation process is complete, enter the Hibernator program and select the Launched Apps menu.
  • Next specify the WhatsApp program that has the purpose of temporarily disabling it.
  • Give access so that this program can run on your cellphone by giving it activation permission in the Show The Settings menu.
  • Then you will be directed to the data access service menu, proceed by selecting that menu.
  • Then activate the button.
  • Next there will be a notification, click Options and Deactivation.

After a while, the program has successfully disabled your WA temporarily, if you want to reactivate it, you need to click WhatsApp on the icon.

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Program Mobiwol

Mobiwol as an additional program that you can use to disable programs that are on your cellphone. Of course, WhatsApp is one of the programs that can be temporarily deactivated through this program. The unique thing about this program is that it can limit internet access for the program you are using.

Below are some steps you can use to use the Mobiwol program that acts to temporarily disable whatsapp your WhatsApp:

  • Download and install the Mobiwol program on your cellphone in Playstore
  • Continue by activating the Firewall Status menu so that the status of this program is On.
  • Then go to Firewall Rules, then find the WhatsApp program.
  • Click pass on the WiFi icon, then the signal to switch to dark.
  • After you have done all the methods above, you have successfully temporarily disabled your WhatsApp account.

By applying some of the methods that we have provided above, therefore now you are free of notifications from WhatsApp.

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The Final Word

That’s how to temporarily disable WA that you can do. All of the available methods can be adapted to your needs. If the memory on your cellphone meets to take additional programs, you can add that program or you can do without additional programs. Hopefully useful!

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