Instagram Downloader Application to Photos and Videos without Copy URL

4 Instagram Downloader Application to Photos and Videos without Copy URL

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Want to save content from instagram without copy link? You need to install the Insta photo and video download application without copying the url on the cellphone.

Instagram has interesting photo and video content uploaded daily by users from all over the world. We can see all the content from Story ig , Feed / Timeline, and the Explore menu.

When we’re cool to scroll and see content on Insta, sometimes we find useful, funny, unique videos or whatever it is that makes us want to save the video to the cellphone gallery.

Unfortunately, Insta does not provide the feature of downloading videos and photos directly from the Instagram application. There is only the save love feature, comment and save content to the ig account collection.

But you don’t need to be sad, because on this occasion I will share the best application recommendations for downloading Insta photos and videos without the need to copy the url.

So if you later install this Instagram downloade application, you can directly save Instagram photos and videos to the cellphone gallery without copying the url again.

Best App to Download Photos and Videos on Instagram

Below are the 4 best apps to download Instagram photos and videos without needing to copy a link:

1. EzRepost+ Repost for Instagram

The first option you should try is an app called EzRepost+ .

Although the name of the application is repost , which means that it functions to repost other people’s content on Insta, its use is not only that. The EzRepost application can also be used to download Insta videos without copying the post url.

This application is published for free on the Play Store application store, you can install EzRepost on your cellphone right now. Even though this app is free, EzRepost maker doesn’t watermark your saved insta photos or videos.

2. Repost for Instagram – Regrann

The Regrann app allows users to repost other users’ posts. Like other applications, Regrann is also equipped with a feature to download photos from Insta to your device.

The Regraan application is free to use, even though it is free. Regran does not install a watermark when you download or repost other people’s posts.

But if you want to use the paid version you can too. The advantage of the pro version is that Regrann does not display ads, then there is an additional feature, namely SCHEDULE posting.

FastSave for Instagram

The best application to download the next Instagram video is FastSave. With FastSave users can browse Insta content, download Insta photos and videos directly to the cellphone gallery quickly.

In addition to the download feature, FastSave also offers a repost feature or reposting posts from other people (whoever it is).

There is one more feature that you will definitely like. If you open Insta using the FastSave application, you can view Instagram posts and stories without having to follow them. How, interested to try? Just download the application on the Play Store .

4. Free Video Downloader – XDownloader

The last option you need to try is the XDownloader video download application. XDownloader is an application specially designed for downloading videos from the internet, available for all Android devices.

XDownloader is one of the applications launched on the Play Store by InShot Inc. InShot Inc. focuses on video, music, editing, mirroring and downloading applications.

So in terms of features and security there is no need to doubt, you need to try this one Insta video download application.

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Instagram Downloader Application to Photos and Videos without Copy URL

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos without Copying The URL

  1. First you have to install the EzRepost+ Repost for Insta application from ApkMonk .
  2. After the application is successfully installed on your cellphone, please open it and tap log in on EzRepost+.
  3. Log in here means logging in with your Instagram account. Don’t worry, there will be no account hack or ban, it’s safe!
  4. Just fill in the username or email and password, then press the Log in button .
  5. After successfully logging in, please search for someone’s Insta account then view photos and videos on the account’s timeline.
  6. Here is an example of an Insta account @freefirebgid , I will download content from that account. Just select a post that you want to save to the gallery.
  7. Then press the REPOST button .
  8. The last step is to press the DOWNLOAD icon in the lower left corner.
  9. Done, the photo is successfully saved to the device.

That’s how to download Insta photos and videos without copying the link with the help of the EzRepost+ for Insta application, it’s very easy isn’t it.

In a previous post, I’ve also made tutorial articles for downloading Insta videos without additional applications, just using the Chrome browser that is already installed on the cellphone.

The Final Word

That’s an Instagram photo and video download application that you can try for free on your cellphone. Some of the applications have the feature of downloading many Insta videos at once.

Each application has advantages and disadvantages, please try one by one and then choose the one that you think is the easiest and fastest way to download photos and videos on Instagram.

That’s it for today’s article, I hope it helps!

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