Web testing for beginner's: How to use temporary mail to test email services

Web testing for beginner's: How to use temporary mail to test email services
Published in : 07 Apr 2024

Web testing for beginner's: How to use temporary mail to test email services

A Beginner web page and application developer will eventually run into a lot of email-related problems. Ensuring that your application or webpage has appropriate email settings is necessary for several purposes such as new user registration, user feedback, mailing services, email notifications, and sales manager mail inquiries. Unfortunately, not even content management system (CMS) templates—which are meant to make web page creation easier for non-professional developers—can ensure that email services operate correctly, necessitating manual functional testing on the part of the developer. As a result, in order to activate the user registration module, the developer must manually verify the email features of his website or application.

The developer eventually has to manually register test users with temporary email addresses, which takes a lot of effort to set up on free mail providers like Yahoo or Gmail. Because temporary mail services don't require time-consuming registration, they can considerably expedite the testing process.

How does it works?

You can get a temporary mail box by opening www.gdmail.my.id and entering no registration or other information. The control buttons for your temporary email address and mail box will be located at the top of the page that you see.

temporary email

Incoming messages in this temporary mailbox are valid only for 60 minutes, then it’ll be deleted. You can reload page in your browser or close it and then reopen it again – your temporary mailbox won’t be destroyed. There are only 4 control buttoThis temporary mailbox will only hold incoming messages for sixty minutes before being removed. Your temporary mailbox won't be erased if you reload the page in your browser or close and then open it again. Although the website only has four control buttons, that is plenty to use a temporary mailbox.ns on the page, but it’s enough for using temporary mailbox.

- Click the "Copy" button to copy your mailbox's address to the clipboard, then paste it into the program code or email module settings.
- If the "Refresh" button does not display automatically in an incoming email list, click it to get incoming mail.
- The user can enter any desired email address for a temporary mailbox by clicking the "Change" button.
- To create a new temporary mailbox and remove the current one, use the "Delete" button.

Note that sending mail from a temporary mailbox is not possible. In order to shield users from fraud, spam, and hacker attempts, this feature has been turned off. Spammers then exploit the temporary mailbox to bombard subscribers with unsolicited messages.

More instances of site developers employing temporary mail

Web developers frequently include extra features on their websites, such as the ability to send users emails automatically. These features need to be carefully checked.

For instance, nearly all websites provide a feedback box that allows users to email notes to the creator or administrator. Prior to installing all required security elements, this form must be tested using a temporary mailbox in order to prevent attacks on the administrator's real mailbox. It is strongly advised that you utilize a temporary mailbox on www.gdmail.my.id and avoid disclosing your actual mailbox during the functional testing of the feedback form.

Using a mailing list to notify registered users about events is another excellent example. Functional testing doesn't seem necessary for this straightforward function at first, but there are a few unique features that should be tested using test emails. These include the delivery schedule, the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe, support for multiple charsets, the ability to use standard headers to get around spam filters, and personalization features. As you can see, there are twelve possible settings for the mailing function. These must be tested with a disposable mailbox found at www.gdmail.my.id.

A web developer must integrate all of the aforementioned capabilities while creating an online store. They also have to test the sending of mail function and waste a lot of time setting up test mailboxes. Disposable mailboxes from gdmail.my.id can expedite testing and save developers a ton of time.