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Power Supply Unit Recommended Brands of Good Best 2020

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GdMail – The Power Supply Unit , or better known as the PSU, is the most important component as a direct distributor of electrical voltage to all hardware components installed in the PC. In addition, the PSU also has a vital role in determining the amount of electrical voltage that enters the computer.

The role of the PSU must certainly be considered, because the PSU not only determines whether your computer can turn on or not, but the PSU can also be an indicator of how durable the components of your computer are.

Power Supply Unit Recommended

Therefore, would like to invite you to choose the 1 best power supply unit recommendations. Curious? Let’s see the list as follows.

Power Supply Unit
EVGA Supernoba 1600 T2

This is one of the best PSUs that can be used, The EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 has 80 Plus Titanium certification which is claimed to have excellent performance to supply electrical voltage to all PC components efficiently.

Not only that, it is equipped with various other advantages such as protection against overheating, supports continuous use with a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, double-ball bearing fan , and many more.

Although the number on the product name is 1600, this PSU is claimed to be able to distribute power up to 2,000 W. It is also accompanied by various kinds of cables and connectors to make it easier for you to install. Not to forget, another advantage of the EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 lies in its very long warranty – up to 10 years!

Whether you’re playing games, rendering heavy videos, or mining cryptocurrencies , this product is arguably the best PSU out there.

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