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11 Various Types of Hardware and Computer Networks and Their Functions Best

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GdMail – Hardware on a Computer Network is a Device that is used to Connect Two or More Computers on a Computer Network.

With the aim that every computer that is connected to each other can share files, share data and other resources.
As with computers in a network, computers can operate with the support of hardware and software.

Various Types of Hardware and Computer Networks and Their Functions

So in this article, we will discuss several types of computer network hardware and their functions.

Modem Computer Network

1. Modem

Modulator Demodulator or often called a modem is a device that can connect a computer to the internet network.

This device has a function to convert analog signals into digital signals.
Modems can change the digital signal on the computer into an analog signal when it has passed through a medium such as a telephone line.

After that the modem converts the signal back into a digital signal when it goes to the destination computer.
This needs to be done so that it can be understood by computers.

LAN Cable Network Computer
LAN Cable

2. Network or LAN cable

Next is a Computer Network cable which is an equipment that has a function as a connecting medium for one computer to another or from a computer to other computer network devices.

There are 3 Cables used in The Computer Network, Namely:

  1. Fiber Optic
  2. Twisted Pair (UTP dan STP)
  3. Coaxial
NIC Card Computer Network

3. Network Interface Card atau NIC

This type of computer network hardware is often known as an Ethernet Card or another popular term, namely LAN Card.

Network Interface Card is a network card that has a function as a liaison between computers and the network.
In general, this Computer Network Interface Card has been integrated with computer and laptop motherboards, but there are also cards that need to be plugged into the motherboard.

Even with the development of technology there is also a USB.

Server Computer Network

4. Server Computer

Server computers will be the most important computer network hardware on the internet.

For this server function to be the center of all networks and in this server all important data will be stored.
When a client request occurs, the server will send it through some software and computer network hardware.

In general, this server computer functions as the storage of all information databases.

The data on the server can be sent according to the client’s request.

The better the server computer specifications, the greater the storage capacity and the faster the process.
So that the server becomes one of the things that affect the performance of the internet network.

Client Computer Network

5. Client Computer

The client here means the user’s computer.

So that these clients are people who can access data on the server via the internet.
The number of clients will usually consist of computers that have been connected to the internet computer network with the same server.

If the client computer is not connected to the server, the client cannot access data on the server computer.

The client computer will only be a normal computer without any access from the internet network.

If you want to connect to the internet computer network, then the client computer needs to be connected to a LAN cable computer network or a WiFi network.

Hub Computer Network

6. Hub

Hub is a device that is used to unify the computer network cable from each server, workstation or other device.

Usually this type of computer network hardware is used to create a star topology, where the twisted pair cable comes from the workstation that goes to the hub.

Connector Computer Network

7. Connector

Connector is a tool that can connect the cable to the network adapter.

Just imagine if there is no connector, then how can the network cable be connected to the network?

Therefore there are several types of connectors that will certainly be adjusted to the type of cable that will be used.

There are 3 types of connectors that can be used, namely:

  1. RJ-45 connector used in UTP cable
  2. BNC/T connector used for Coaxial cable
  3. ST connector used for Fiber Optic cable
Switch Computer Network

8. Switch

The function of this switch is almost the same as a hub, but how it works will be a little more complicated when compared to a hub.

The switch itself is not only concerned with electrical signals but also processes information at the data link layer.

The information that is checked on this switch is the MAC address that comes from each device and computer connected to the switch.

Router Computer Network

9. Router

The main function of a router is as a device on a computer network that is used to be a liaison between devices and the network.

The router will determine which path is good to pass on the data packet so that the data conveyed will reach its destination.

Repeater Computer Network

10. Repeater

The function of this repeater is to amplify the signal where the way is to receive a signal from a network segment and then retransmit the signal strength with the original signal to another cable segment.

Bridge Computer Network

11. Bridge

The last computer network hardware is a bridge.

The function of this bridge is the same as the function of a repeater, but the bridge will be more flexible and smarter than a repeater.

This bridge can connect networks that use a different transmission method.

For example, a bridge that can connect broadband Ethernet with baseband Ethernet.


Those were some of the types of computer network hardware and their functions. Hopefully this article can help those of you who need the above information. If you still have questions, leave a comment below.

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